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Getting beef empanadas and other delicious traditional Cuban food in Jacksonville, FL, is as easy as going to Mambos Cuban Cafe & Pizzeria. Whether you like our well-known Puerco meat or the amazing Cuban sandwiches, we are here to give you the best Cuban culinary dining experience surrounded by a casual atmosphere of a conventional Cuban place.

Whenever you come to our place at Mambos Cuban Cafe & Pizzeria you will have the opportunity to taste one of the most flavorful pizzas you will find around the Jacksonville area.

It will be a delightful experience when you give a try to at least one of the specials in our classic Cuban menus. Several dishes share seasoning and techniques from Spanish and African preparations, with a bit of influence from the Caribbean islands. This blending of flavors and fresh ingredients in their receipts is what makes Cuban food so special.

Our Cuban desserts are made to immerse you in a sea of sweet flavors and sensations that you will not want to leave. These desserts mostly use fresh fruits of the highest quality in its preparation. You can also see tropical liqueur like rum in many of them.

Besides the incomparable taste of Cuban food, it can also be of interest to know that since the origin of its ingredients, is a supremely healthy cuisine. It will be very rare that you find in Cuban cuisine preparations with ingredients that can carry preservatives. Although occasionally you can find them in most cases you'll be eating healthy and mostly organic food.

Contact us if you want to experience for yourself everything you've read so far of our fantastic cuisine. We guarantee you will not regret. Do not forget to ask about discounts and current promotions.


Having a delightful experience is easy when you go to Mambos Cuban Cafe & Pizzeria.

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